Top 3 tips to make better videos using a webcam for teachers (cheaply)

Would you like to know how to create educational videos using your webcam that don’t look like they’re made in someone’s basement, but without spending a small fortune?

I bet you do!

To help you in this worthwhile pursuit, I have some tips for you… but first a warning: Producing very high quality videos is not a walk in the park. I say this, not to scare anyone off, but to level off expectations. Producing movie quality videos is what the professionals do! And they get paid a whole lot of money to do it! All those fancy transitions, music and animations take talent, practice and time. However, with a few practical tips, you can produce decent quality videos with your webcam on the cheap, that are just fine for the majority of uses in the Educational world.

My first generic tip (tip number zero): your webcam video should be less than 6 minutes in total – anything longer and your viewers (students) will switch off.

And without further ado, here are three of my top tips:

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