Learning Management Systems – User Experience, Interface and Design Considerations

Road to Nowhere

Learning Management Systems  are a seemingly unavoidable part of the online education landscape. For most users, they are a necessary evil. Despite the low opinion that users hold for the tool, learning management systems perform a range of administrative tasks well. They house course materials, results, assessment information and provide an avenue for staff and students to communicate with each other.

Louis CK performs a comedy skit which on the miracle of cell phones and flying and human apathy. In the bit, he talks about the magic that allows messages to be passed through this tiny little piece of technology, into the sky, and then beamed back down into another person’s little piece of technology. That is some kind of wizardry when you think about it. Louis CK’s takeaway: Humans complain about what the phone doesn’t do, rather than marvel at the things it does well. This analogy is applicable in the land of the Learning Management System. People take for granted the things a learning management system does well, but when it comes time to critiquing the software for what it doesn’t do – the pitchforks are out in force.

In my experience, the users (students and teachers) ire is drawn to two focal points:

  1. How easy is the learning management system to use?
  2. What does the interface of the learning management system look like? Continue Reading

3 of the best educational technology tools for 2017

Back to the future

It is January 2017, and the world of educational tools and technology is changing. Not that this is a new thing mind you, but it has become something that decision makers are needing to respond to because learner’s expectations are starting to shift so rapidly! The classroom is no longer just the four walls, the furniture, the students and the teacher. The classroom is now enabled outside of the educational institutions through mobile devices such as phones, tablets (my personal favourite of the Android variety is the Google Pixel C – we use them at work – great screen, serious power under the hood and they look cool) and laptops. Students take their learning with them, and Educational Institutions, developers and manufacturers are coming up with new and exciting ways to facilitate their on-the-go style.

So what are the educational technology tools of the trade that educators will need to be on top of to manage learner expectations as they follow these new trends? There are so many out there and there is no one size fits all, but here are three of my top picks for a more technology savvy (and time saving) 2017:  Continue Reading

Educational Technology

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